The jury of these awards is chaired by the Minister of Research and Universities Joaquim Nadal i Farreras, and is made up of outstanding professionals from the academic and industrial field. Among them, Dra. Isabel Amat, Global Head of Innovation and Pipeline Management at Reig Jofre; Dr. Enric Canela, emeritus professor at the University of Barcelona; Pere Joan Giralt, research professor at the Pere Tarrés Faculty of Social Education and Social Work at Ramon Llull University; Dr. Antonio Huerta, director of the ICREA institution; Dra. Anna Sánchez, founder of iTimes Advisers and vice president of Telescos.cat; Dra. Mariona Serra, co-founder and CEO of Goodgut (HIPRA); Dr. Jordi Mas, director general of the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation (fcri); and Ms. Sara Miragall, from SEAT S.A.'s Young Talent Program HR.

Constitution of the jury of the 2022 Impact Awards of the Industrial Doctorates of the Generalitat de Catalunya

El Pla de Doctorats Industrials de la Generalitat de Catalunya celebra el seu desè aniversari amb la primera edició dels Premis Impacte 2022. El jurat, presidit pel conseller de Recerca i Universitats, Joaquim Nadal i Farreras, està format per professionals destacats de l’àmbit acadèmic i industrial. El concurs busca visibilitzar l’impacte de la recerca col·laborativa en els projectes de doctorat industrial, i s’ha obert a participants del Pla de Doctorats Industrials i a qualsevol persona major d’edat resident a Catalunya.

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Artificial intelligence revolutionises research

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the relationship between humans and machines with its ability to manage and generate knowledge. It has become a key tool for academic research and there are many Industrial Doctorates projects working in this field. But the generation of artificial knowledge still depends on human beings. Therefore, it is necessary to explain well what is the use that researchers can make of AI to exploit its potential intelligently and ethically.

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The Industrial Doctorates Plan promotes more than 800 collaborative research projects

– The first decade of operation of the Program of the Department of Research and Universities has involved 530 companies, 25 research centers, the 12 Catalan universities and more than 600 researchers.

– Consellera Geis: "Industrial Doctorates promote the competitiveness and internationalization of the industrial fabric and are a lever for generational change in research".

– The funding of the program between 2012 and 2022 has amounted to 105 MEUR and this year's call for the plan has increased by 25% to 6 MEUR

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Industrial Doctorates. 10 years of collaborative research in Catalonia

Industrial Doctorates, 10 years of collaborative research in Catalonia

Industrial Doctorate (DI Plan) projects are consolidated as a key tool to transform knowledge into practical solutions for all citizens. The collaborative research model has demonstrated, with more than 800 projects promoted, its capacity to impact companies and institutions, the people who participate in the projects and society in general.

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