"Industrial doctorates have given me a unique opportunity for personal and professional development"

Jordi Alba Granados is technical director of the Industrial Doctorates Plan of the Government of Catalonia and head of Development of Academic Programmes and Projects at the Department of Research and Universities. He is also a tutor and course instructor on the final project (TFM) of the University Master's Degree in Business Management (MUDE) at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC). Due to the growing demand for industrial doctorates, the university has talked to him to explain in more detail what these research projects consist of.

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Participants of the Industrial Doctorates Plan highlight in a video the success of the Programme

The video published on the tenth anniversary of the Industrial Doctorates Plan of the Generalitat de Catalunya, highlights the transformative impact on the Catalan scientific and industrial fabric of the program. | This consolidated initiative receives unanimous praise from industrial doctors and members of the academic and socioeconomic environments | The program has proven to be a driving force in the progress of the Catalan R+D+I system.

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The Safe Beaches project revolutionizes the safety of beaches in Catalonia

The Safe Beaches project, a collaborative initiative between Auditek and the Rovira i Virgili University, aims to improve the safety and efficiency of lifeguard services on Catalan beaches. Through innovative tools, this project plans to revolutionize the management of lifeguard services, allowing better coordination, faster responses and a more effective allocation of resources

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From industrial doctorate to startup, the case of Acceleralia

Ton Guardiet is an expert in growing companies, as well as an industrial doctoral student specializing in the field of corporate acceleration. In his project he has developed a methodology to identify the factors and strategies that most affect the success of acceleration and entrepreneurship programs. This methodology has been applied to the creation of Acceleralia, a digital platform for corporate acceleration.

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