The industrial doctorate project between Noel Alimentaria and the UdG that redefines the sustainability of food packaging

Genís Bayés, is the industrial doctoral student who leads the collaborative research between Noel Alimentaria and the University of Girona | The aim of the project to revolutionize food packaging towards sustainable alternatives and definitively eliminate plastic | This initiative responds to the urgent need for ecological solutions in packaging | Collaboration between academia and business is presented as an exemplary model of knowledge transfer, promising not only technical advances, but also a positive impact on social and environmental awareness.

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The Industrial Doctorates projects with the greatest social impact in 2022

Every year the Industrial Doctorates Plan finances more than a hundred Industrial Doctorate projects, all fundamental to contribute to the competitiveness and internationalization of the Catalan industrial fabric. However, we have made a selection of the projects that we consider to be a good example of social impact, which we have monitored throughout 2022 to communicate their research.

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