Roka Furadada, amb 4 projectes de doctorat industrial, dona el primer lot de cremes protectores a l’UCI de l’Hospital del Mar

Roka Furadada, a startup specializing in smart solar assets, has donated a batch of protective creams to the Hospital del Mar for ICU patients who carry out therapeutic outings near the sea. This donation, from his laboratory at the Barcelona Science Park, continues his collaboration with the hospital started last September.

Roka Furadada's contribution, in the form of 30ml creams with SPF 30, will improve the solar safety of ICU patients at Hospital del Mar, thanks to its ROKA Smart UV® technology. The award ceremony was attended by representatives of both Roka Furadada and the hospital.

The company, recently highlighted as one of the 100 best startups of 2023 according to the Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain (APTE), develops five applied research projects focused on the research of ingredients for the prevention of skin problems, within the framework of the Industrial Doctorates Plan.

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