3 companies participating in the Industrial Doctorates Plan among the top 100 startups of 2023

L'Associació de Parcs Científics i Tecnològics d'Espanya (APTE) destaca les 100 millors startups del 2023 en sectors com la biotecnologia i la IA, promoure la innovació i la inversió. Entre aquestes startups, 3 formen part del Pla de Doctorats industrials: Quside, AllRead MLT, i Roka Furadada, que exemplifiquen el compromís amb la ciberseguretat, l’eficiència operativa i la salut, respectivament.

The Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain (APTE) has highlighted the 100 best startups of 2023, located in its parks spread over 15 autonomous communities, covering sectors such as biotechnology, AI, clean energy, among others. APTE seeks to promote innovative talent in these spaces, encouraging interaction with investors at the Foro Transfiere in Malaga from March 20 to 22, 2024.

To disseminate these startups, the association has prepared a section on its website where you can consult the sector of activity where they are included, the science and technology park where they are located, their web pages, the range of annual turnover, the investment captured by each one, the state of investment where they are located and the year of creation.

Among these startups, 3 are part of the Industrial Doctorates Plan:

  • Quside, with two industrial doctorate projects , was founded in 2017 from a project of the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO ). Quside is a startup that designs and produces quantum components for the cybersecurity and supercomputing markets. Quside aims to contribute to improving the cybersecurity of all Internet communications, from mobile to servers, since current communications are not intrinsically secure and can be compromised by scientific advances. The company and the Quside team have won several awards in recent months and participates in several research programs at national and European level, such as the FET Quantum Flagship program.
  • AllRead MLT , with an industrial doctorate project , is a spin-off of the Computer Vision Center of Catalonia (CVC) and the UAB Research Park, born in The Collider program of the Mobile World Capital Foundation. Founded in March 2019, it has achieved, through the technology transferred from the CVC and the application of a pay-per-use business model of this technology, to reach dozens of customers and pilots, among which are coporats of the stature of IAG Airlines, State Ports (Barcelona, Billbao, Algeciras), Correos, Aguas de Valencia, Naturgy, etc. During the first year of life, AllRead MLT has managed to raise EUR 500,000 of exclusively private funding between Corporate Venture Captain, Family Offices and Business Angels, bringing its staff to 12 people in its payrole.
  • Roka Furadada, with four industrial doctorate projects, is a startup born in 2019 at the UAB Research Park. Its mission is to reduce the incidence of skin cancer through research, development and production of active ingredients and medical devices, with high efficiency and with low toxicological and environmental impact. Its purpose is to help prevent and reduce the incidence of skin cancer, developing the first smart ultraviolet radiation filter: SMART UV, with new molecules that involve therapeutic activity to prevent and treat diseases associated with sun exposure.