The DI begin the series of DI Dialogues with Dr. Josep M. Garrell, rector of the Ramon Llull University

On 5 November, the Industrial Doctorates Plan inaugurated its first DI Dialogue, of a series of dialogues scheduled for the coming months. The aim is to find out the vision of different personalities from the productive fabric of the country and the academic world on collaborative research, talent, research and their impact on society, and the role played by Industrial Doctorates in all this. 

Research and knowledge transfer are the pillars on which the social and economic progress of a country in the current era must be based. The knowledge society requires identifying, training and retaining the talent that can enable our evolution and well-being.

Society is becoming more and more complex, and so are the problems and challenges we face, of which we have a very serious example these days with the pandemic we have had to experience. This complexity means that research has to be increasingly specialised and, therefore, more expensive. The need to bring together different researchers, with different expertise, and who work in different sectors, makes collaborative research a necessity, and at the same time, an option to face the future.

The DI Dialogue of November 5

 Dr. Albert Sangrà, director of the Industrial Doctorates Plan, will talk with Dr. Josep M. Garrell, rector of the Ramon Llull University with outstanding experience in research and leading scientific policies, to analyze the challenges posed by the development of collaborative research in Catalonia and in the world.