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Els avantatges per a les empreses
i institucions

  • It gives the company an opportunity to work with high-level researchers at the forefront of knowledge.
  • It has access to cutting-edge equipment and infrastructure
  • It can recruit individuals with great potential who can improve the competitiveness and internationalisation of the company and contribute to their training.
  • It builds bridges of collaboration with scientists who could be strategic allies in the future.

Els avantatges per a les universitats
i centres de recerca

  • It contributes to the country's development by increasing the innovative capacity of its socio-economic fabric.
  • It helps researchers who face highly complex, often interdisciplinary challenges with exacting viability and quality requirements.
  • It establishes and reinforces relations with companies who take on continuous improvement in their area of knowledge as a challenge.
Toni Dorado
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Els avantatges per als estudiants:

  • Students have an opportunity to take part in an RDI project which will enhance their CV, under contract to a company committed to research and innovation.
  • They are mentored by members of the company and the university staff who will provide guidance and assess their progress on an ongoing basis.
  • Students work in university laboratories and on the company premises.
  • They receive complementary training in subjects that are very attractive to companies.
  • They may undertake a stay abroad and attend conferences where they can network and establish contacts in the same field to aid in their professional development.