Want to do an industrial doctorate? 

Want to be an Industrial Doctor?

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The call for applications for industrial doctorates is aimed at future doctoral students, that is, there is no need to certify admission on a doctoral programme to apply for an industrial doctorate project.

However, candidates will need to certify admission on the doctoral programme should they be selected to undertake an industrial doctorate project and become part of a formal funding application.

For further information on doctoral programme admission requirements, contact the university offering the doctoral programme, which appears on the form, directly.

Furthermore, candidates should provide proof that they have received an average mark of 6.5 or above (marked out of 10), calculated on the total number of credits of the university courses that give access to doctoral studies.

For more information on the system used to calculate the average mark, contact the Agency for Management of University and Research Grants (AGAUR).



Consult the AVAILABLE PROJECT OFFERS on the website. They are listed by university, field and company


Remember you must meet the general requirements to take part in the Industrial Doctorates Plan. It is important that you keep in mind the type of offer (co-funding type of financing or specific funding (grants) type of financing) and the requirements of each offer.


Download the PDF file of the offer or offers you are interested in to your computer.

Veureu que els formularis porten una part emplenada, la part “A EMPLENAR PELS ENTORNS ACADÈMIC I EMPRESARIAL”, que inclou les característiques del projecte i els requisits propis de cada oferta, i una part oberta, “A EMPLENAR PEL CANDIDAT”, que és la que haureu d’emplenar amb les vostres dades.

4. EMNPLENA el formulari

Fill in the part of the form entitled "TO BE COMPLETED BY THE CANDIDATE", pages 4 and 5. You can fill in the different sections at different times, and amend your answers, by saving the file on your computer using the "Save" option.


Once you have the form permanently filled out (you can use the red button on the form called "Block" to fix the contents, which you will no longer be able to change), it must be sent to the email address doctorats.industrials.recerca@gencat.cat

Si el candidat vol que quedi constància registral d’aquest tràmit, ha de presentar la candidatura signada (s’accepta signatura digital i signatura escanejada) via registre, preferentment pel tràmit associat AGAUR