The Industrial Doctorates projects with the greatest social impact in 2022

Every year the Industrial Doctorates Plan finances more than a hundred Industrial Doctorate projects, all fundamental to contribute to the competitiveness and internationalization of the Catalan industrial fabric. However, we have made a selection of the projects that we consider to be a good example of social impact, which we have monitored throughout 2022 to communicate their research.

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From industrial doctorate to startup, the case of Acceleralia

Ton Guardiet és expert en fer créixer les empreses, i també un doctorand industrial especialitzat en l’àmbit de l’acceleració corporativa. En el seu projecte ha desenvolupat una metodologia per identificar els factors i les estratègies que més afecten l’èxit dels programes d’acceleració i d’emprenedoria. Aquesta metodologia s’ha aplicat a la creació d’Acceleralia, una plataforma digital per a l’acceleració corporativa.

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The Industrial Doctorates Plan promotes more than 800 collaborative research projects

– The first decade of operation of the Program of the Department of Research and Universities has involved 530 companies, 25 research centers, the 12 Catalan universities and more than 600 researchers.

– Consellera Geis: "Industrial Doctorates promote the competitiveness and internationalization of the industrial fabric and are a lever for generational change in research".

– The funding of the program between 2012 and 2022 has amounted to 105 MEUR and this year's call for the plan has increased by 25% to 6 MEUR

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Industrial Doctorates. 10 years of collaborative research in Catalonia

Industrial Doctorates, 10 years of collaborative research in Catalonia

Industrial Doctorate (DI Plan) projects are consolidated as a key tool to transform knowledge into practical solutions for all citizens. The collaborative research model has demonstrated, with more than 800 projects promoted, its capacity to impact companies and institutions, the people who participate in the projects and society in general.

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We spoke to Quim Segalés, CReSA researcher, about collaborative research and Covid-19

In the last year, due to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic, we have seen an extraordinary advance in the development of a new vaccine. This common objective has led the academic world to carry out open research in close collaboration with private companies and, finally, several vaccines to come out. Do you think this can be an indicator of the potential that collaborative research can reach if sufficient is encouraged?

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