UPF report on industrial doctorates

ORIGINAL NEWS – September 2019

Pompeu Fabra University has published an extensive report on Industrial Doctorates in the latest issue of its journal 360upf. In the text we can find experiences of Industrial Doctoral Students such as Pere Ripoll who would end up finding the medieval manuscript that contains the origins of the Generalitat de Catalunya, a text that had been missing for more than 400 years.

To make the report, Ainhoa Gaudes, Project Manager of the Industrial Doctorates Plan, was also interviewed with statements that highlight the added value of participating in these projects: "Applied research implies generating patents, shared intellectual property between university and company, and that this generates prototypes and new services"

The report analyzes in depth the operation of the Plan as well as the advantages of Industrial Doctorates over an academic doctorate, providing the opinion of specialists such as Núria Sebastian, director of the UPF Doctoral School or other doctoral students such as Pablo Gómez. Finally, it analyses how Industrial Doctorates projects improve the competitiveness of both companies and institutions. For universities and research centres, this type of doctorate allows them to establish and strengthen relationships with companies. And it facilitates the transfer of knowledge from academia to the productive environment.

You can consult the original text in this link.