Marc Güell, thesis director of three industrial doctorate projects, new ICREA

Marc Güell, a prominent researcher participating in the Industrial Doctorates Plan, is recognised for his contribution to biological engineering | As an ICREA research professor at Pompeu Fabra University, he leads innovative projects in collaboration with companies, especially in gene editing and skin microbiome engineering. | His work, with more than 18,000 citations and licensed patents, is key in the field of synthetic biology and genetic therapy.
Marc Güell, thesis supervisor of 3 Industrial PhD projects, new ICREA

Marc Güell, director of three industrial doctorate projects with Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), has recently been distinguished as ICREA research professor. Güell, a graduate in Chemistry, Telecommunications Engineer and PhD in Biomedicine, has developed several research projects in collaboration with companies and academic institutions. The following stand out: an industrial doctorate project started in 2019, carried out in collaboration with the company S-Biomedic and Pompeu Fabra University, in which he successfully defended his thesis in 2022. Another project, also from 2019, in collaboration with the company SpliceBio SL and Pompeu Fabra University, currently in force. Finally, a 2021 research project with the company Integra Therapeutics SL and Pompeu Fabra University, which is currently ongoing.

Güell's research focuses on the use of biological engineering to develop new technologies and therapies. Through the use of DNA as a language, Güell has led projects that aim to modify cutaneous bacteria for the detection and treatment of dermatological diseases such as acne or atopic dermatitis. These achievements have received significant attention, with Güell's work cited more than 18,000 times and leading to the formation of three companies dedicated to the development of new therapies: eGenesis, s-biomedic and Integra Therapeutics. In addition, his patents have been licensed to leading companies in the sector, further reinforcing the practical relevance of his research.

Güell's academic excellence has been recognised through several prestigious awards and recognitions. He is a member of the Young Researchers Program of the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) and a member of the Spanish Youth Academy. In addition, he has been recognized as a 'Highly Cited Researcher' in 2019 and has received recognitions such as the National Research Award for Young Talent in 2018, the August Pi i Sunyer Award in 2021 and the Ángela Ruiz Robles National Research Award in 2022.

This recognition of Güell as an ICREA research professor reaffirms his position as a leader in the field of biological engineering and his significant contribution to the progress of scientific and technological research. Its active participation in research projects of the Industrial Doctorates Plan demonstrates the importance of this programme in promoting collaboration between the academic and business worlds for innovation and technological development.