Agroserveis, with two ID projects, celebrates a day of dissemination and transfer where it presents a new Industrial Doctorate project and the University of Barcelona collaborate for innovation in sustainable agriculture in the Ebro Delta | On March 20, the second Industrial Doctorate of the company for the management of the apple snail is presented and the University of Barcelona have joined forces to promote innovation in sustainable agriculture in the Ebro Delta. Through fruitful collaboration in research and development (R+D) projects, both institutions work together to address the specific challenges affecting farmers in the region.

Two examples of this collaboration are the PAE 2022 and PAE 2023 projects, which have focused on exploring innovative solutions for organic rice production. Through thorough research, data analysis and field experimentation, the projects have identified sustainable and effective solutions for the management of this crop.

Apart from the PAE projects, and the University of Barcelona have launched a second Industrial PhD. About the first Industrial Doctorate project, the ID Plan was echoed with an extensive report on the Delta Rice Organic Project, led by Alfred Palma, industrial doctor and also technical director of this company. The project, which will be presented on March 20, focuses on the research and design of a sustainable management model of the apple snail in the Ebro Delta. The doctorate combines the practical experience and technical knowledge of with the academic resources and research excellence of the University of Barcelona.

The Industrial PhD not only seeks to generate practical solutions for apple snail control, but also aims to train the next generation of experts in sustainable agriculture, environmental conservation and pest management.

The collaboration between and the University of Barcelona reflects the continuous commitment of both institutions to innovation and the development of effective strategies to promote sustainability in agriculture and protect the vital ecosystems of the Ebro Delta.


All the information of the Conference of Dissemination and Transfer of the next March 20 can be found in the following PDF document.