The Industrial Doctorates projects with the greatest social impact in 2022

Every year the Industrial Doctorates Plan finances more than a hundred Industrial Doctorate projects, all fundamental to contribute to the competitiveness and internationalization of the Catalan industrial fabric. However, we have made a selection of the projects that we consider to be a good example of social impact, which we have monitored throughout 2022 to communicate their research.

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Immersive technology to improve the lives of people with reduced mobility

Un projecte de Doctorats Industrials promou l’ús de la tecnologia de realitat virtual, augmentada i mixta per millorar el benestar personal i les interaccions socials en col·lectius de persones amb mobilitat reduïda. Busca millorar l’accessibilitat a aquests dispositius i l’accés als seus continguts per tal de contribuir a augmentar l’autonomia i la qualitat de vida del col·lectiu.

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