An Industrial Doctorate project wants to flood the Ebro Delta with organic rice

Organic Delta Arrissi, an Industrial Doctorate project that promotes ecological solutions to adopt a more sustainable crop in the Ebro Delta.

Alfred Palma Agroserveis Organic Rice

The magazine Agrocultura, a reference media on organic production, publishes a report highlighting the agronomic strategy of the Industrial Doctorates project that investigates the viability of organic rice cultivation in the Ebro Delta. Alfred Palma is a researcher at the Department of Evolutionary Biology, Ecology and Environmental Sciences of the University of Barcelona and technical director of the agricultural services company He is also the industrial doctoral student who develops the Organic Delta Aririssi Project, promoted as an Industrial Doctorate.

The objective of the project is to promote and boost the organic production of rice through a guide of good agricultural practices to promote the biodiversity associated with the rice ecosystem and improve the sustainability of farms.

Rice cultivation, with floods and drainage periods, has given the Delta the physiognomy it has now, but Delta has also been a threat in terms of sun degradation and chemical phytosanitary products used. For some seasons now, the rice sector has begun to understand that they must opt for a more sustainable crop and, among them, organic production is what can give them the extra price they hope will compensate them for the difficulties.