Mireia Munmany receives first industrial doctorate in Humanities


This week Mireia Munmany became the first person to receive an industrial doctorate in the field of Humanities from the Catalan university system. Her thesis, entitled Gestió del patrimoni literari català femení. Conceptualització i proposta d’anàlisi (Management of female Catalan literary heritage. Conceptualisation and analysis proposal), was directed by Dr Pilar Godayol Nogué (UVic-UCC) and Dr Montserrat Comas Güell (Víctor Balaguer Library and Written Spaces: the Catalan Literary Heritage Network) and is part of the doctoral programme 'Translation, Gender and Cultural Studies'.

The panel, comprising Dr Teresa Julio Giménez, professor at the Department of Translation, Interpreting and Applied Languages at the University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia, Dr Montserrat Bacardí Tomàs, professor in the Department of Translation and Interpreting at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Dr Magí Sunyer Molné, professor in the Department of Catalan Philology at Rovira i Virgili Univeristy in Tarragona, awarded the thesis a qualification of 'Excellent cum laude'.

This is a pioneering thesis on the management of Catalan literary heritage that, from a gender perspective, conceptualises literary heritage based on systematic theory and highlights the importance of management as a means of bringing literary heritage to all society. It also creates a valuation model for literary heritage, applied to three authors: Caterina Albert, Maria Àngels Anglada and Maria-Mercè Marçal.

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