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Incentives for hiring research staff

ACCIÓ – Passeig de Gràcia, 129 – 08008 Barcelona, Conference Hall

9 March 2016

The purpose of this symposium is to explain the various tools available that facilitate the incorporation of qualified staff in companies to undertake R&D&I.

The Industrial Doctorates Plan, for instance, simplifies the search for highly qualified professionals to undertake research projects of interest to companies.

To reduce the costs associated with research projects, companies may benefit from tax deductions. Even SMEs with the PYME INNOVADORA seal may combine it with a reduction on social security payments and enjoy other advantages, which will be covered at the symposium.

Topics to be covered:

  • The main features of the Industrial Doctorates Plan
  • How to materialise the tax benefit associated with research projects, specifically the bases for applying reductions in social security payments. Compatibility criteria between the two types of incentive 
  • Requirements, benefits and means of obtaining the PYME INNOVADORA seal.
  • ACCIÓ's accompanying programme for the application of tax incentives for innovation.



9.15 am         Attendee registration

9.30 am        Welcoming address

                                       Mr Carles Miranda, Business Innovation Unit Manager, ACCIÓ

9.45 am        ACCIÓ programmes to support tax incentives                                                  

                                       Mr Alvaro Tapia, Innovation Manager, ACCIÓ

10.15 am       Industrial Doctorates Plan: More competitiveness with innovation and talent

                                       Ms Susaina Figuera de Prado, Project Director, AGAUR

10.45 am       Tax incentives for hiring research staff and PYME INNOVADORA

                                       Ms. Immaculada Torres

11.30 am       Case study

11.45 am       Q&A session

12.00 pm       Close

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