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Crash Course in Entrepreneurship - Universitat Ramon Llull – ESADE Business School

5-9 October 2015
40 hours
Price: 1200€

This course and its contents are designed around the concept of a new tech-based entrepreneurial venture, specialty in the areas of cleantech and sustainability.
Starting a new business includes a different array of tasks and operations. An overview of the process of identifying an opportunity, turning an idea into a product or service and making a business out of it will help the mind behind the invention to understand the whole process that starts once the discovery has been made.
In general, scientists and others engaged in the focused on research than the development of new ventures, but their participation in the process will greatly improve the ratio of new inventions turned into new product or services.
It will always be necessary to have someone to take the ideas out of the lab and turn them into new ventures, be they researchers who decide to pursue a professional career in developing new businesses or other entrepreneurs who already have the knowledge and experience required in the business field. In either case, the participation of the senior scientist behind the invention will significantly increase the odds of a successful new company.

Key Takeaways
• How to find and evaluate business ideas.
• How to analyse the environment, the industry and the market to understand the idea.
• Methods to differentiate between an idea and an opportunity.
• How to craft a suitable business model.
• Basics of competitive strategy, and how to get your clients to continuously choose you instead of your competitors.
• Basic tools for market analysis and consumer understanding.
• Frameworks for designing marketing plans.
• Understanding financial statements: profit and loss account, cash flow and balance sheet.
• Methods to estimate the capital requirements of the venture.

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