Participating in the Industrial Doctorates Plan gives doctoral students the following advantages:

  • They have the opportunity to participate in R&D&I projects that can generate added value for their CVs, being hired by a company committed to innovation and research.
  • They are overseen by company and university staff members who will guide them and continually assess their progress.
  • They will work in university laboratories and the facilities of the companies involved.
  • They will receive complementary training in subjects that are highly attractive to the companies.
  • They can engage in international stays and attend conferences and workshops that will help them to network and make the contacts necessary to move forward professionally in their field.

Participating in the Industrial Doctorates Plan gives universities the following advantages:

  • It can contribute to the development of the country by increasing the innovative capacity of our socioeconomic fabric.
  • It can train researchers who will have to face highly complex challenges, often interdisciplinary in nature and with demanding viability and quality requirements.
  • It can establish or strengthen its relations with companies that every day must face the challenge of continuously improving in their area of knowledge.


And participating in the Plan gives the company the following advantages:

  • It has the option of working alongside top-level scientific researchers who are at the cutting edge of knowledge.
  • It has access to top-notch equipment and infrastructure.
  • It can recruit individuals with great potential who can improve the competitiveness and internationalisation of its company and contribute to their training.
  • It can build partnerships with scientists who can serve as strategic allies in the future.



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