What does an industrial doctorate project involve?

The aim of the Industrial Doctorates Plan is to contribute to the competitiveness and internationalisation of Catalan industry, strengthen the tools for recruiting the talent generated in the country and place future PhD holders in the right place to carry out R&D&I projects in a company.

The essential element of the industrial doctorate process is the research project carried out at a company, where doctoral students will further develop their research training in collaboration with a university, and which is the object of a doctoral thesis. Therefore, the industrial doctorates act as a bridge for knowledge transfer and encourage closer ties between Catalan industry, universities and research centres.



Summary of types of financing available for industrial doctorate projects

The main features of the three different types of financing available for industrial doctorate projects are summarised in the following table:


Co-funding in Catalonia (DI-COF-CAT)

Co-funding in the European Union (DI-COF-UE)

Specific funding (DI-ESP)


Collaboration agreement between the signatories (publication of results, intellectual and industrial property rights, funding, etc.).

Academic sphere

Catalan public and private universities, research centres and hospital foundations.

Thesis director: SGR or ICREA researcher or a recipient of European Research Council (ERC) funding.

Location business sphere centre


Outside Catalonia, European Union

Catalonia and the European Union

Eligible business sphere entities

Public and private companies

Not-for-profit associations and foundations, public bodies, consortia whose majority shareholders are public bodies, with a limit of 15 grants per year.


Private companies

Research institutions and subsidiary companies thereof, and the ministries, offices and regional services of the Government of Catalonia are not eligible.

Public funding 3 years

Business sphere (21,600)

Academic sphere (25,488)

Doctorand (8,472)

Academic sphere (25,488)

Doctorand (8,472)

Doctorand (8,472)

Employment of doctorand

Business sphere

Business or academic sphere

Minimum annual gross remuneration




3 years

≥ 3 years



Full-time or part-time

Distribution of working hours

To be agreed between the academic and business spheres

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