Collaboration agreement

The collaboration agreement signed between the university, the research centre, if applicable, and the company will be based on at least the following aspects.


a) Specific conditions of the employment contract: remuneration conditions, length of contract, etc. If the project implies any other employment obligation for the doctorand, these must be included in the collaboration agreement.

b) Conditions referring to the distribution of the doctorand's working hours between the facilities of the company and the university, research centre or hospital foundation, if applicable.

c) Conditions related to industrial and intellectual property rights.

d) Names of the project managers from the university, research centre o hospital foundation as well as from the company.

e) Conditions related to the funding of training and specific funding for the project (such as fungible goods, equipment, etc.).

f) The mechanisms for monitoring the progress of the projects and tasks carried out by the researcher in training.

g) Conditions related to the rights of the doctorand to publish his or her research results during the training period or the development of the doctoral thesis.

h) Conditions referring to mobility and the attendance of congresses, conferences and the like.

i) Whether the enactment of the agreement is dependent on the attainment of Industrial Doctorates Plan co-funding or specific funding.

j) The length of the agreement.

k) If more than one entity is involved from the academic or business sphere, a distribution agreement between the parties regarding the call's funding.

l) If there are any compulsary teaching assignments for the doctoral student, the academic and the business sphere must agree on the conditions that those teaching assignments will be done. 

The agreement must also include the following annexes:

— Annex 1: brief description of the research project

— Annex 2: proposal for work plan

These appendices must be approved by any of the following university staff: the rector or vice-rector for research, the director or head of the school supervising the doctorate, the director of the doctoral programme's academic committee. 




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