Instructions for submitting candidacy

1. Consult the list of projects available on the website. You will find them classified by university, area of knowledge and company.

2. Remember to pay special attention to the general requirements established in order to participate in the Industrial Doctorates Plan. It is also very important to note the type of financing (co-funding or specific funding) and the specific requirements of each project.

3. Download the PDF file of the project or projects in which you are interested.

You will notice that the one part of the form, the part 'TO BE COMPLETED BY THE COMPANY AND THE UNIVERSITY’, is filled out, which includes the project characteristics and the individual requirements of each project, and another part, ‘TO BE COMPLETED BY THE CANDIDATE', is blank, which is the part you should fill in with your details.

4. Fill in the 'TO BE FILLED IN BY THE CANDIDATE’ part of the form, on pages 4 and 5. You can work filling in the different section if you save the PDF file on your computer as you go along, using the 'Save' option on your computer's menu.

5. Once you have the final version of the form filled out, you can use the red 'Block' button to set the content, after which time no changes can be made. Then you should e-mail it to the mailbox of the Industrial Doctorates Plan

When sending the form, keep the name of the file as it was when you downloaded it, simply adding an extension with your name and surname.

6. Once you have sent the e-mail, remember that in order to complete the procedure you must print the full form (all five pages), but you need only sign the part pertaining to candidate, as the AGAUR already has the signatures of the university and company.

7. Submit the printed form, signed, in person or via post (in the latter case, by registered mail) to:


Ref: Doctorats Industrials

Pg. Lluís Companys, 23

08010 Barcelona

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9.00 am to 2.00 pm.

From 15th June to 14th September: Monday to Friday, 9.00 am to 2.00 pm.

8. It is NOT necessary to attach any type of CV or additional information. The company will contact you directly if you are included in the selection process. Similarly, if you are hired, you will also be notified directly.


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